[GMG-Devel] status of the new list

will kahn-greene willg at bluesock.org
Thu Jul 7 11:33:04 EDT 2011

23 of 101 people have moved over so far.  That's lower than I hoped.

I have access to the listinfo page for the old list, but it's 
non-trivial to build a list of existing subscribers--it'd involve a lot 
of copy and pasting.

I'll wait a bit to see what happens, but maybe I'll end up spending the 
hour or so it'll take to manually subscribe people to the new list.

Also, I thought I had archives working, but didn't.  I think I've fixed 
that now.

Also, John put in a request with GMANE to switch the mediagoblin devel 
list archives over to this list.

So that's where we're at.


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