[GMG-Devel] wiki: the very beginning

will kahn-greene willg at bluesock.org
Thu Jul 14 10:14:40 EDT 2011


I set up a wiki at:


It's working, but it's bereft of any content so far.

Yesterday, Elrond and I were talking about the wiki and that 
conversation brought up a few things, so I figured I'd run it by people 
on this list to see if what I've got set up is ok for now or not.

1. Elrond mentioned openid support.  redmine has openid support, so if 
the wiki did, too, then theoretically someone could use their openid 
thingy and sign into both places.

Does that help anyone on this list?  If not, I'm not going to spend the 
time to get it working right now.

2. The instance is set up such that:

* you need an email-verified account to edit
* you need to be in the uploadaccess group to upload files

I think I want to add a captcha for when someone tries to save a page 
with links to external sites, but I may wait on that until we need it.

Now we get to the part I have fewer opinions on.  With the addition of 
the wiki, we now have three places for documentationy things:

* the mediagoblin.org web-site
* the wiki
* the docs/

I was thinking that since docs/ is versioned alongside the software with 
the actual release that it should be a self-contained manual for the 
software with links back to the wiki and the web-site for things that 
don't really change much between versions (details about our IRC channel 
and mailing list, our general vision, ...).

The wiki is the easiest place for people to change content, so recipes 
for setting up MediaGoblin on different Linux distributions and other 
operating systems should definitely go there.

The web-site is our outward facing site that is more marketing/pr 
oriented than the other two locations.  So blog entries, press releases, 
and things like that should go on the web-site.

I'm pretty sure it's the case that we will have some content duplicated 
between the three places.  I'm ok with that, though the less the better 
since it requires more work to keep updated.

How does that sound?  Do you have other ways to figure out which content 
should go where?


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