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will kahn-greene willg at bluesock.org
Wed Jul 20 19:43:21 EDT 2011

I'm pretty sure Jim meant to send this to me and the list.

I like this.  It's different than what I was thinking, but I'm game.

How do other people feel about this allocation of content?


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Subject: 	Re: [GMG-Devel] wiki: the very beginning
Date: 	Wed, 20 Jul 2011 12:58:55 -0500
From: 	Jim Campbell <jwcampbell at gmail.com>
To: 	will kahn-greene <willg at bluesock.org>

Hey All,

This is what I've put together. Let me know what you think.

The general idea thus far is to have the wiki be more hacker +
administrator focused, and the docs to be more user-focused. If someone
has a good argument the other way, I'd be open to it, though.

With this project, I think we can assume that the users have access to
the web, otherwise they wouldn't be downloading the software, or
uploading their images.

Here is a sketch of how things may be organized:

Because this is a wiki, these topics don't have to placed in a linear
order like the python-sphinx docs.

- About the Project / Contributing / Administering

- What is MediaGoblin (this should be somehow different from the main
"about" page on the web.)
- Design document (vision)

- Git, Cloning and Patches
- Codebase documentation
- Hacking

- Deployment (For security, any binary packages should be provided on
the main web site, but we can link to them from here.)
- Security
- Theming
- Updates and maintenance

User-level docs (goblins = pictures or other media) Topics should be
task- or topic-oriented. Collect questions such as these, and organize
them under broader topics areas.
- Move the docs "Foreword" to the end and call it, "About the docs," or
something similar. This will get users straight into the documentation
without needing to read any preamble material.
- How do I create / delete my account?
- How do I change my password?
- How do I update my profile information?
- How do I link this with my Friendster? (just kidding)
- How do I add my goblins?
- How do I delete my goblins?
- Who can view my goblins?
- Can I keep some goblins hidden from view?
- Can I download my goblins?
- How much storage space do I have, and how many goblins can I fit in
that amount of storage space?
- How much does this cost? Do I have to pay this fee in any special
goblin currency?
- Is there a size limit on how big my goblins can be when I upload them?
- How do I set the license under which I provide my goblins?
- What metadata is available for my goblins?
- How can I view how many times my goblins have been viewed?
- How can I share my goblins with other instances of this fancy
mediagoblin framework?
- etc


On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 10:30 AM, will kahn-greene <willg at bluesock.org
<mailto:willg at bluesock.org>> wrote:

     Hi Jim!

     How's the proposal going?  Is there anything I can help with?


     On 07/15/2011 11:00 AM, Jim Campbell wrote:

         Hi Again,

         On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 12:58 PM, will kahn-greene
         <willg at bluesock.org <mailto:willg at bluesock.org>
         <mailto:willg at bluesock.org <mailto:willg at bluesock.org>>> wrote:

             On 07/14/2011 01:14 PM, Jim Campbell wrote:


                 I'll put a content inventory with some suggestions
         together and
                 make it
                 available by by tomorrow.

             You rock!  That would help a ton because then it'll be
         clearer what
             we've got and where it should go.


         Here's a basic inventory of what we have now:
         <http://j1m.net/?attachment_id=610> (LibreOffice spreadsheet)

         One thing that stands out is that some of the contributing info
         can be
         split up in some places, and some of it can be consolidated.

         I'll put together a proposal for how things might be organized,
         and will
         have that available either later today or tomorrow.


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