[GMG-Devel] writting media views mentoring, please!

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Sat Jun 16 10:44:50 EDT 2012

Hi Jorge,

I responded on-ticket:


As said on there:
 - This is kind of a tough task to take on, but if you're interested I'm
   happy to walk you through it
 - I think we need to document how to extend media types!  Where's the
   right place for this though?  The wiki?  The sphinx docs?  Given that
   we're expanding the docs to include plugin authoring, maybe that is
   the right place.
 - One reason for me making this shift in employment is so I can be
   helpful to people on learning these types of things and mentoring.
   :)  That said, there are a few other people around who know how to do
   media types authoring.. Joar probably more than anyone.  So pinging
   on IRC still might be a good way to go.
As I said, I'm taking this weekend as a "vacation" of sorts from
MediaGoblin hacking, but will be around to be more helpful next weekend.

 - Chris

Jorge Araya Navarro <jorgean at lavabit.com> writes:

> Hello people!
> I want to add a couple of views for some media types (see bug #391), but
> this stuff of writing media views looks tricky and I want some mentoring
> on this issue.
> cheers!

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