[GMG-Devel] User "status" field changing

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Thu Oct 10 11:02:26 EDT 2013

Note: this is only relevant to you maybe if you are
 a) Running a public registration site and have messed with the
 b) Are a developer.

We're very close to merging Natalie's moderation branch.  This probably
isn't a big deal to most people, but it might be to you.

So basically, we're pulling in a new "privileges" system from Natalie's
branch.  We had a looser version of this before; users had a number of
booleans, such as whether or not their email was valid or not, and there
was a unicode field called "status".

There was an old hack where you could move the "status" field to
something that wasn't "active" manually to disable a user.  If anyone
has done this in their database, those users will become active again
during this switchover... we hadn't prepared for that!  I think the
chances of anyone having done that are fairly low... I don't know of
anyone having done so, but if you have done so, please email me... I'll
make sure we set you up so we can take care of those users in the

I suspect since that was never exposed in the web UI though, most people
just deleted problematic users.  (Now we'll have better solutions in the
new system... like banning them! ;))

 - cwebb

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