[GMG-Devel] Having issues with Celery.

Damien Radtke damienradtke at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 17:42:42 EST 2014

I'm trying to set up a deployment on my server, and am having trouble
getting Celery to work. It's gotten to the point where even running it with
lazyserver.sh is failing to process any images because it times out. When I
kick it off, it says it sets the configuration from object
"mediagoblin.init.celery.dummy_settings_module", which doesn't seem right.

The other problem I'm having is how to properly kick Celery off as its own
daemon. I'm having trouble getting it to log anything to a log file and to
be able to use one pid file to kill all processes.

I believe I'm running 0.6, but I updated from an older version, so it's
whatever it would update to if the update was run within the last week.

Any tips?
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