[GMG-Devel] Got my instance up and running! (was: having issues with Celery)

Kushal Kumaran kushal.kumaran+goblin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 00:51:26 EST 2014

Damien Radtke <damienradtke at gmail.com> writes:

> I recently colocated a Linux server for personal use, and finally got my
> Mediagoblin up and running:
> It turns out that the problems I was having with Celery (most of them,
> anyway) were caused by a bug in the EXIF.py library, since it was breaking
> on one of my jpg's (infinite loop near line 1732). Other images, however,
> seem to work fine.
> A couple things are still missing. I haven't tested it with anything
> besides images, e-mail registration doesn't work (not sure if I want to
> enable it, though), and I want to try and streamline some of the init
> scripts a little more. It turns out that Celery is a pain in the ass to
> properly daemonize, especially when compared with the paster that does it
> so well.

What init system are you using on your server?  I'm running upstart on
my ubuntu server and the configuration is trivial.  My celeryd startup
script follows, which you might be interested in.  Even with sysvinit,
it should not be too complicated, other than the standard boilerplate.
Take a look at the start-stop-daemon utility if you're running debian.

===== File /etc/init/mediagoblin-celeryd.conf =====
author "Kushal Kumaran <kushal.kumaran at gmail.com>"
description "Mediagoblin celeryd process"

start on started network-services
stop on stopping network-services

env VENV=/srv/media.locationd.net/mediagoblin

console log
chdir /srv/media.locationd.net/mediagoblin
umask 022

setuid mg
setgid mg

 $VENV/bin/celeryd --pool=eventlet -l INFO -f /var/log/mediagoblin/celeryd.log
end script

===== End file =====

> I may be blogging about this in the near future.
> Thanks for making such a great piece of software!

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