[GMG-Devel] Migrating from transifex (bis)

Ineiev ineiev at gnu.org
Tue Nov 11 01:23:08 EST 2014


This continues the discussion from [0].

So far, we've setup a group for MediaGoblin on GNU
Pootle server [1].

However, I don't think the migration is complete as long as
it's still officially documented that MediaGoblin uses Transifex [2].

Any ideas what steps need to be done yet?

Thank you!

[0] http://lists.mediagoblin.org/pipermail/devel/2014-August/000922.html
[1] https://chapters.gnu.org/pootle/
[2] https://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Translations#For_translators

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