[GMG-Devel] OpenSCAD media type

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva rsilva at metamaquina.com.br
Thu Nov 13 15:40:41 EST 2014

On Thu, 13 Nov 2014, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:

> Sorry for the delay in replying to this.  This looks really ool!  It
> seems like it could really open up MediaGoblin eve nfurther into the
> "being helpful for 3d printing" type domains.

That's what it's about. But we must also mention laser cutting and cnc
milling since openscad works in 2D as well

> One question... I don't know much about OpenSCAD.  Are there
> concerns/worries we should have about code execution of the language?
> Is it sandboxed?  Is it limited in some way, or totally turing-complete?
> I'm just wondering for security reasons.

Sandboxed, not turing complete, only worries I can think of would be
someone exploiting slow functions to kill processor capacity.

> Nonetheless, this seems like it's a cool tool.

Thanks! I've done some extra work, will commit soon.

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva

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