[GMG-Devel] MediaGoblin starting problem

Прокси proxy-one at mail.ru
Wed Nov 19 08:37:52 EST 2014

On 2014-Nov-18 09:16, ayleph wrote:
> On 11/18/2014 08:57 AM, Прокси wrote:
> > 
> > I moved alias directives from "location /media {}" and nginx started. I was
> > able to create account and log in.
> That sounds like progress!
> > Uploading of a picture, on the other hand,
> > failed. 
> > 
> > I think this is the relevant part of lazyserver output:
> > 
> > OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/media/user_dev'
> > 
> > I changed permissions of this dir to 777 but no joy. 
> Does whatever user nginx uses to run the webserver (www, httpd, nobody,
> ???) have access to the entire path where the user_dev folder is
> located? Are there any directories above it which prevent the user from
> traversing?

Yes, www-data can access every dir on that path. 

> > One thing I noticed, of four aliased directory, only one exists, first one,
> > /home/user/www/media/mediagoblin/static/
> On my system, the locations aliased by "/mgoblin_static/",
> "/mgoblin_media/", and "/plugin_static/" exist in the mediagoblin
> directory. I do not have the location aliased by "/theme_static/".
> > In /home/user/www/media/user_dev/media/ exist only workbench directory. No theme_static or plugin_static directories in /home/user/www/media/user_dev
> On my system, user_dev/media contains the following subdirectories:
> public
> queue
> workbench
> > Is that OK or something is missing in my installation?
> It sounds like you're missing something. Did you install mediagoblin at
> /home/user/www/media? Or did you copy the folders there by hand?

I used git to pull everything in media dir. Since I couldn't make it
work, I started over with 0.7.1 version. 

MG documentation is very scarce. What is available is scattered around
several places. I'm using php web applications for quite some and have never
had this much problem installing something. I guess that since I've
never used python web app, everything was very confusing to me.  There
are lot of additional parts of system whose part in the whole picture is
not very clear to me. That's why switching between installation in root
or subdirectory; fcgi vs uwsgi and that kind of different configuration
is almost impossible to me. This[1] page is the only place where I could
find that someone tried to explain what is what and why it is there. 

Having that kind of explanations for people that don't know python/had
previous experience with python web apps could be very helpful. 

Anyway, I finally managed to install MG. I used this[2] howto, which is
somewhat incomplete (had to use 

 (virtualenv --python=python2 --system-site-packages . || virtualenv --python=python2 .) && ./bin/python setup.py develop

command from this[3] page). 

Also, base_url from mediagoblin_local.ini have to be changed, of media
files are referenced as
example.com/mgoblin_media/media_entries/1/test.jpg instead of

Thanks for your time and help!


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