[GMG-Devel] Want a new hook for a search plugin

Tom Fay tom at teamfay.co.uk
Fri Dec 18 12:13:39 EST 2015


It turns out that I don't need new a hook for the plugin to work (I can just use, or misuse :), the 'wrap_wsgi' hook which will only be called when the DB/celery are set up). I'll update the issue as well.



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Hi Tom 

El 03/12/15 a las 09:01, Tom Fay escribió: 

> Hi there, 


> I've made a search plugin for Mediagoblin so that I can search by 

> users/tags as well as description and title (code is at 

> https://github.com/tofay/mediagoblin-indexedsearch). 


> It's really just the existing basicsearch plugin, but queries a whoosh 

> index (like the proposal mentioned https://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Search) 

> instead of querying the db directly. 


> Anyways, it creates or updates an index during startup. It can't do this 

> by using the "setup" hook because when that hook is called the database 

> hasn't been setup yet. I looked into using some sqlalchemy events to 

> trigger indexing, but I couldn't find a suitable event. 


> What I'd like is a hook that notifies plugins when the database has been 

> setup. Are there any existing hooks I could use for this purposes, and 

> if not can one please be added? On my instance I'm currently just 

> calling a new hook at the end of setup_database method. 


> Thanks, 


> Tom 

I'm sorry, your message got stuck in the non-subscribers queue in the 


We have the open issue #960 about search functionality, I just posted 

there the content of your email, hopefully the GNU MediaGoblin hackers 

can give you an answer soon! 


Best regards 


Laura Arjona 


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