[GMG-Devel] Python exception uploading video on CentOS 7

Ian Cross Ian.Cross at betgenius.com
Thu Dec 24 06:26:44 EST 2015

Thanks very much for that, I will give it a go and report back (xmas will get in the way though)!

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On Tue, 2015-11-10 at 11:20 +0000, Ian Cross wrote:
> Thanks, bug raised - will see what happens with that.

Hmm, I see the bug but no one has done anything about it yet. I'll leave a comment later and maybe it'll get picked up sooner.

I've just set up a Copr repo with the Python bindings for EPEL 7 (thanks to Jessica Tallon for testing our the package for me ☺). Just head over to:


… and follow the instructions there.


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