[GMG-Devel] Trac spam - action required

Simon Fondrie-Teitler simonft at riseup.net
Thu Feb 19 10:01:00 EST 2015

Hey all,

Sorry about this!

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva <rsilva at metamaquina.com.br> writes:
> My experience with this: disable registration and purge the spamming
> users ASAP. Then look for a solution. A captcha[0] in the registration
> form seems to be fine.

Thanks for the advice. I've disabled the new user registration. However,
the trac instance has been getting hit by 30-40 different IPs fairly
frequently. I've blocked a little over 20 of the IPs with IPtables, but
it's still causing a noticeable slowdown on trac. This makes user
cleanup dificult, since the user view is even slower. It has what looks
like thousands of users, which takes a while to load.

It seems stabilized now, and I really need to get into work, so I'm
leaving it as is. I'll try to get back to it this evening with a more
permanent solution. In the meantime, if someone wants to take a shot at
cleaning up existing users and spam, that would be awesome.

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