[GMG-Devel] Media Goblin with Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out error

Wojciech Kaczmarczyk wojciech.kaczmarczyk at pwr.edu.pl
Fri Feb 20 08:47:08 EST 2015


I want make media repository in my organization.
I have Mediagoblin installation on Debian 7 with nginx webserver.

During upload big 500Mb video file after clicking Submit button browser 
still waiting for refreshing page http://mygoblin.page/submit/ and after 
some timeout nginx give in browser error '504 Gateway Time-out', but 
file is still transcoding in background and upload is correct.

Is possible after click "Submit" button redirect to some progress page 
or redirect http://server/u/user/panel/ ?

Best Regards

Wojciech Kaczmarczyk

> Wojciech Kaczmarczyk wojciech.kaczmarczyk at pwr.edu.pl
Assistant administration IT,
Wroclaw Centre for Networking & Supercomputing, HPC Department
phone: +48 71 320 47 45, fax: +48 71 322 57 97, http://www.wcss.pl

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