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[GMG-Devel] Congrats Boris Bobrov, new MediaGoblin co-maintainer!

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at
Wed Sep 7 14:00:51 EDT 2016

Hello all!

Some of you may have noticed: I've been very busy lately.  The
federation standard we are working on, ActivityPub, is going well:

... but we are in a critical time.  The Social Working Group's charter
only officially runs till end of 2016, and if we want to get our spec to
Recommendation status, well... it's been taking all my time and energy
to make that happen.  So you may have noticed, I've been fairly absent,
but it's for the success of MediaGoblin in the long run.  But what to do
for now?

Well, I have some happy news!  Boris Bobrov (aka breton on irc) has
agreed to step up of co-maintainer of MediaGoblin, at the very least in
the interim while I am so busy.  In the last meeting, everyone +1'ed the
idea, and we went through the process, and it's now official through
GNU!  Boris is now co-maintainer!

I have full confidence in Boris... in many ways, he has already been
taking on this role, answering questions and helping tend the codebase
when I am otherwise absent.  I have no doubt in his ability as a steward
of the project.

Join me in extending my congratulations to Boris!  I'm very excited
about it, and I'm sure others are as well! :)

 - Christopher Allan Webber

PS: In case you're worried about it, I'm not stepping away from
  MediaGoblin.  The things that I'm working on are for MediaGoblin's
  long term health and success.  I'm not going anywhere!

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