[GMG-Devel] Regarding GSoC 2017

Vijeth T Aradhya vijthaaa at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 03:57:21 EST 2017

Hi all,

I noticed that GNU MediaGoblin was a part of GSoC 2016 under the umbrella
organization GNU. I'm interested in applying for GSoC this year, and it'd
be really nice if I could do it with GNU as my first ever contribution was
noticing an existing bug and fixing a non-trivial issue (>=15 lines, had to
sign an assignment form) in GNU wget. That's how I got started with open
source! Now I love the idea, and I contribute to other communities as well

I have submitted patches here as well, but they haven't been reviewed yet
(except one which was reviewed by ayleph and was happy with the changes :D)

My primary question is, will MediaGoblin be a part of GSoC again this year?

If yes,

1) Are there any active projects that I could take up?
2) How many slots will be there, since it is a part of an umbrella
3) Are there people wanting to be mentors this year?
4) Can I discuss about any new projects as well?

If no,

I'd love to stick around and help the community as much as I can!
Either way, I get to learn a lot :)

*Eagerly waiting for a reply!*
Thank you,
*Vijeth Aradhya*
Undergraduate Sophomore,
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
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