[GMG-Devel] ActivityPub makes it to W3C Recommendation

Christopher Lemmer Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Tue Jan 23 22:13:28 EST 2018

Good news!


In many ways, this is a major output of MediaGoblin, even though
(ironically!) MediaGoblin doesn't support ActivityPub yet (though we
have support for its predecessor in a branch, the Pump API).  I have
high hopes that ActivityPub can bring some unity to the federated social
web... indeed it already is in some places... here is PeerTube and
Mastodon federating:


More on this on a guest post at FSF blog:


I also speak there, and I'm sure plenty have noticed, about the great
irony that standardizing ActivityPub has lead to stagnation in efforts
on MediaGoblin's own federation code.  I have more to say about this
soon... but for tonight, I think some celebration is in order.  A lot of
people have put a lot of effort into this, and I think it wouldn't have
happened if it weren't for MediaGoblin in that the co-editors of the
spec (Jessica Tallon and I) were driven to work on it because of
MediaGoblin's needs.  But it was more than just Jessica and
I... ActivityPub was a monumentally community effort.  Thanks to
everyone who has participated.

 - Chris

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